IWG & Huurbieding.nl!

21 maart 2022

IWG & Huurbieding.nl!

Orgineel op de website van Croud: https://croud.com/en-gb/case-studies/iwg-huurbieding/

Streamlining the process of offering workspaces through Huurbieding.nl’s online platform.

The challenge Huurbieding, the office space aggregator, found that being able to provide staff with workplaces while operating entirely online was often a time-consuming task that involved a lot of manual clicking. This was something they were keen to quickly improve.

Croud, working in collaboration with IWG and WebNL, wanted to find a way to create a unique link between IWG’s Dutch branch and Huurbieding,nl making it easier for them to offer workplaces online.

The Croud difference
Establishing an end-to-end data integration from IWG to Croud’s backend system was the main challenge faced, due the volume of data available and the granularity that was needed. Croud acted as an enabler between IWG and Huurbieding’s infrastructure by setting up a data transfer API built on top of their GCP BigQuery data warehouse. Croud’s technical expertise made a huge difference in overcoming our challenges. The WebNL development team used the API set up by Croud to process and load data automatically into Huurbieding.nl’s data infrastructure.

The results
The automated data integration meant that all objects shown on their site are now described as extensively as possible. For example, ‘detail pages’ contain information on surface area, rental price, address and, of course, a wealth of images relevant to workspaces. These variables are synchronised through an automated process that takes place daily – and that’s where the digital sleight of hand takes place! Any changes that take place on the Regus database automatically become visible on Huurbieding.nl’s site.

About Huurbieding.nl
Huurbieding.nl is an online rental platform offering approximately 4500 workspaces through their online platform for 650 clients/landlords, including IWG. Every month, around 1500 potential tenants reach out to Huurbieding.nl in search of a new workspace!

In making this backend link, we’ve made sure that solid foundations have been laid for the future. Going forward, if we find a large number of variables added to the management portal, the WebNL link will process it seamlessly where previously this would’ve created a lot of extra manual work. Kees Jan Verplanke, Huurbieding

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